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Testimonials from our Clients

"Mindy Wren Barth of Tirna Designs is blessed with an intuitive ability to grasp what is required by the client and that, coupled with her knowledge, excellent creativity and artistic skills, is able to produce a web site for me that is most attractive and effective. Her search engine optimization skills practically guarantee that your web site is not lost in the morass of the world wide web. Mindy makes sure your site is found for the key search terms best suited for your site. She is so talented and I thank her for helping me to effectively market my business."
-- Sarita K., Jay Peak Golfing

"Tirna Designs is passionate about website design and optimization. Money isn't their driving force. Instead, they are driven by a desire to outwit the search engines. They are knowledgable, clever, and professional. Their work generated new business for my custom furniture company and I would recommend them to anyone looking for professional web optimization at competitive prices."
-- Doug C., Clarner Woodworks

"A website without search engine optimization is like an artist peddling her wares in the middle of the sea...Mindy's savvy business sense and excellent verbal skills combined with her artistic flair helped me establish a web presence that has been producing regular visitors since 2007. This means more people are finding my business amidst the sea of competition on the web. Her company, Tirna Designs, works with you to create a website that is not only attractive and user-friendly, but ranks high in the search engines for greater visibility. Tirna Designs has far exceeded my expectations of what it is a properly created and maintained site can do for my business."
-- J. Wren, Wrenhouse

"Mindy Wren of Tirna Designs has consulted for the Northeast Kingdom Travel and Tourism Association over the past two years as a Marketing Specialist. She did an outstanding job in her capacity as a graphic designer. She has excellent project management aptitude, superlative written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, and is able to complete projects efficiently and effectively without sacrificing quality. During her tenure with NEKTTA, Ms. Wren created and produced the 2006 and 2007 Northeast Kingdom Travel Planners. She set and met deadlines, operated within a tight budget, and had a fine eye for design. In addition, she is extremely capable of managing all facets of publishing a high-quality publication, ranging from conceptualization and palette selection to finalizing the selection of a printer. Ms. Wren is willing to go the extra mile, regardless of personal sacrifice, to assure the success of the project."
-- Ann N., Northeast Kingdom Travel and Tourism Association

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